JFMX software: Monitoring and status display

Software for manufacturing

The jFMX software allows monitoring and display of the status of the real-time system of all the activities performed on the plant.

Thanks to web-browser-based technology, you can view the supervisor interface from stations located in the workshop and from the computer screen of your office.

The graphic layout, updated in real time, displays the system, showing the status of the machines and service units, the work in progress, the resources with their warehouses.

The use of colors translates information on the status of all the resources of the system, allowing you to view a lot of information, in limited spaces. Also the graphic screens are hypertextual.

By selecting a layout object, you can directly access the page that describes it in detail.


Production Execution:

The activities of the single MCM production cell are coordinated by the software. The latter selects the work to be carried out based on the workability and the urgency of the individual codes.

The organization of production can be managed manually, at the same time,alternatively, jFMX can use a production plan set up to independently manage production.

With the aim of respecting the indications provided by the plan, jFMX creates and deletes production tasks and dynamically changes the status, priority and enabling of the units. The supervisor indicates to the operator the resources necessary for the production of the set production in terms of parts, tools, equipment and programs.

The association of the production tasks with the equipment present in the system, activates the automatic management of the workings. This checks the availability of resources, the handling of pallets and the execution of the workings, in total autonomy. jFMX is also able to manage the load of the pieces during the manned shift and to postpone the processing to the unmanned one.