Tool Management

Software for manufacturing

jFMX is equipped with special tool management policies.

Visualization Layout of the racks and status of the tools

n jFMX is available the layout, updated in real time, of the racks contained in the plant. This view allows you to check the availability of places in the warehouse, the status of loaded tools and manipulators.

Monitoring of tool usage status

jFMX allows to improve the exploitation of tools by managing their wear, by setting a nominal life value and minimum threshold, during loading. With each machining operation, the residual life is decreased by the actual wear recorded by the NC, keeping the tool wear status constantly updated. On the basis of the production orders and the set work phases, jFMX searches for the best tools among those loaded in the rack and assigns them to the work to be performed. jFMX therefore constantly monitors the request and availability of tools in the system. The operator can query the system on the state of use of the tools present in the system and on their future request and thus have the possibility to prepare the tool park in advance. suitable for programmed work or unloaded unused ones.

Tool loading operation

From an operating point of view, the supervisor assists the operator in the loading and replenishing of tools, through the automatic acquisition of all the information related to the tool, the visualization on the terminal of this information, for a possible modification by the operator, and the proposal of the best position inside the warehouse.jFMX is able to manage different information related to the tool; the most important are: its coding, size, geometric correctors, status, life and critical threshold, request for length and operator presence control, default technological data (progress, speed and power monitor section) If the tools are equipped with memory chips (eg Balluff pad), when the tool is loaded, jFMX displays the information already written in the associated tablet. JFMX is also prepared for integration with any installed Tool Rool management software. at the customers.

Tool unloading operation

The operator can query the supervisor to find out the tools to be unloaded. jFMX provides the list of tools worn, broken, or not required by any machining. By simply pressing the unload button of the selected tool, the manipulator unloading movement starts.